We are always searching for something.. even if we do not know it..


Hello how is everyone? I am in a dilemma.. Soon the birthday of the man I love is coming soon! I did make something small for him.. But I do want to buy something practical too.. do you guys will like accessories/rings?

Kustom9 is going to start soon too! ♥ I am in love with the new release from Olive Hair for this month’s K9. Also, Overhigh’s high quality dress deserves a visit from everyone! The eyes I am wearing are by SONG and they are so lovely for roleplay/fantasy characters!

What I am wearing
.Olive. the Nyhm Hair (Kustom9)
[ MUDSKIN ]_Kiss of Vampire5_Dawn
{S0NG} :: Anim~ Pink Eye [R] (Kustom9)
{S0NG} :: Anim~ Silver Eye [L] (Kustom9)

OVH . (Kustom9) – Anna Dress . Black . xxs (Kustom9)
.Loud Mouth. – Normal Teeth (right click, add)
[PXL] OpenMouth PRO Alpha Lips 3 (No Teeth)
. Dolly Falsies . Pussy


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